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January 22, 2015

Menopause schmenopause

I will be entering a drug induced menopause by taking Lupron shots in my butt every month for the next 5 1/2 years! This will suppress my ovaries. I will be adding an oral drug (Femara) which is in the class of an aromatase inhibitor!

This may seem okay and not as bad as having a recurrence, right? But this is going to screw up my life big time--- there is a reason why we need those hormones in our body. They help with our mental and physical health as well as our metabolism.

Just today I dropped off Sahil at a day camp. The lady there said he was gorgeous and I need to have more kids to populate this world with beautiful children. Long before this new turn in treatment, we decided that our family was complete. We were thinking of adopting or gestational carrier briefly.
So this statement by a harmless stranger didn't get me, but the irony of it struck me!

Not excited but going to do it. This all because of one study called SOFT Trial (http://www.ascopost.com/ViewNews.aspx?nid=20664). See the results below. A few percentage point of "potential" progression free survival makes me think it may be worth it after all. I will do anything for this gorgeous boy of mine. With pursed lips I squeak meekly "bring it on"!!!

"Significant Reduction in Risk
However, in the cohort that remained premenopausal after chemotherapy (average age, 40 years), ovarian suppression added to tamoxifen achieved a 22% reduction risk of recurrence vs tamoxifen alone. The combination of exemestane plus ovarian function suppression was even better, with a 35% risk reduction for recurrence vs tamoxifen alone. The 5-year event-free survival was 78% for tamoxifen alone, 82.5% for tamoxifen plus ovarian function suppression, and 85.7% for exemestane plus ovarian function suppression.
“In women under age 35, one in three women on tamoxifen alone—the standard of care—had further recurrence within 5 years compared with one in six for exemestane plus ovarian function suppression,” Dr. Francis stated.
Looking at the cohort of women who did not receive chemotherapy (average age, 46 years), they did well in all three study arms. Five-year event-free survival was 95.8% with tamoxifen alone, 95.1% with tamoxifen plus ovarian suppression, and 97.1% with exemestane plus ovarian suppression.
“In this older group of women who did not have chemotherapy, there is no reason to add ovarian suppression. The average age is 46 years, and some of these women will go into menopause soon,” Dr. Francis said.
The SOFT trial was supported by Pfizer, the IBCSG, and the National Cancer Institute, among others. Dr. Francis reported no potential conflicts of interest."


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