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December 31, 2012

The little blue engine that could...

Thank You 2012 for being a quiet year for me personally. It was peaceful, healthful, and filled with good times. Here are the top 12 moments of 2012 in no particular order:
  1. I started work back full-time, and only took a week off for a minor surgery! Yay! Work has had its ups and downs and getting used to the changes that took place while I was out on medical leave. But I feel it to be a personal accomplishment to go back to work with all my vigor and with the confidence to tackle the real world again. 
  2. Sahil turned 3 years old and was a lot of fun all through 2012. Some of the things he says are just simply out of this world. I love his curiosity and want for knowledge. It is such a pleasure to see him discover the world and for us to be a part of his growing world. 
  3. Our new home. We love it, it is perfect and we are looking forward to many happy times and great memories here with our wonderful friends and family.
  4. A brand new niece. A brand new life. Simply beautiful.
  5. Dinar started a new job that he loves and is so well deserved.
  6. Yoga. Om state of mind. 
  7. Zumba. Energy and fun and hope that nobody is watching me :)
  8. The weighing scale moved a bit! Yay!! I hope it keeps moving to the left (well it is a digital scale :))
  9. Sukhu and Amogh moving closer. Love these guys! 
  10. Foobs. Love it hate it, love it. Cant complain it is what it is. My body is unique and is beautiful, I have accepted it.
  11. I saw my oncologist only 3 times this year :)
  12. The feeling that I am moving on, my hair is long, my body a bit more shapely, my mind clearer, and my drive for life back. I feel I will live, yes I will. And this is a great feeling.
Cheers to one and all! Happy New Year! Be kind to one another, be true to yourself. I hope 2013 turns out a super year for us all.



December 20, 2012

Sometimes you need to just pause and ....