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March 29, 2012

Keep my lovies safe and healthy, that is all I want.

Last month has been very stressful and I felt that the stars were just not aligned in my favor. We just kept getting one bad news after the other concerning close family and friends and then we heard that someone separated few degrees apart was ill or some other friend met with a terrible accident,  then we had to call 911 and take Sahil to ER in an ambulance (he is fine now it was just scary at that moment.). As more bad news  kept coming,  I kept trying to lift myself out of the funk.

My uncle, my father's brother, was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks back. When I heard the news I was mind numbed, I immediately wanted to fix it. It? It as in the stupid cells multiplying without reason or code in my uncle's liver. I was desperate and I still am. I am praying for the chemo to work. I feel it has to. Chemo has no choice but work.

You know I have completed multiple questionnaires at the oncologists where they ask you to rate stress in your life, at work, and it always makes me wonder, can anyone really lead a stress free life? I have definitely eliminated certain obvious, avoidable, stressors in my life, but life by no means is ever stress free. However, I have learnt to just pause, breathe, and then carry on. Some situations in life just out of your control and all you can do is accept.

On my health side, I met my plastic surgeon, and we are in the process of scheduling my exchange surgery. It will be a day surgery where they will remove the hard rock like expanders and put in silicone implants. I will most probably not have any drains and they are going to align the incisions with my previous scars. This is definitely Step 3 of the reconstruction process and hopefully if the outcomes are good, I wont require any revisions. The final step would be to get bulls eyes grafted or tattooed once the foobs settle. Yes I am talking about fipples. For now I am a barbie doll without any fipples. I will tell you at the end of the day all it is, is a very expensive boob job!