C h e c k l i s t

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          ☑ Chemotherapy
          ☑ Surgery
          ☑ Radiation
          Maintenance Therapy
                     ☑  Herceptin
                     ☐  Anti-Hormonal Treatment

February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday My Darling!

I think I can be sappy on my blog, I am not sure about FB!
Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you! Always!
I can see some real good times ahead for you and for us.
Your wifey :)

February 6, 2012

Oh crap!

I have lymphedema in my right hand! Yes I forgot that I had to be careful while doing yoga (for the first time since surgery) and while jumping in a bounce house with my son! I forgot that nothing about me is normal anymore! I let myself forget that I am a damn cancer asskicker and think that I was just a woman wanting to do yoga and just a mom wanting to play with my son.
Hate you cancer!
I am waiting for the PT to call and for them to see me. Until then I type with swollen fat fingers!
Worse things could happen so trying to keep it in perspective. Nevertheless this blows.