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August 29, 2011

Hello World!

Hey Guys,
I am feeling much better today. I am a star patient at the UNC 5 West Ward :)
Everything is looking good, but because I have had organ (muscle) transplant they want to keep me for one more day and push some IV antibiotics through me.
Pain is manageable and under control and I also had an off sorts bath today. They stick a heaprin shot in my belly 4 times a day and for every 12 shots I get, Dinar will be getting 1 shot in his belly :) Just for sympathy sake.
So basically wanted to let you know alls well and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

August 27, 2011

Surgery II - Update

Bela had her surgery on Friday. They started at around 7.30am and got finished around 4.30pm. The surgery went well, all the outcomes were as expected. Both the doctors were happy with the results, and said that she did very well in the OR.
She was still under the influence of the anesthesia yesterday, but is doing much better today. She is resting and recovering in the hospital room, and all the nurses are taking good care of her.

August 25, 2011

Off to the chopping block...

Surgery is tomorrow. I am not edgy, I am not nervous. I will be in the OR for 6+ hours. We have to report at 6 AM so it will be the first surgery of the day.
I want to squeeze in one last swim. I swim 14 laps now and that is what I want to do next summer too. So here is to a speedy recovery so that I can wear a cute pink polka dot swimsuit and swim next year.
Bye bye yucky mastectomy gear! And Victoria's Secret watch out for this girl! Dinar watch out for your wallet :)
love live laugh. inhale exhale. live strong. meditate.

August 17, 2011

Yep...Its time for that birthday post. For being a bit snarky and a bit nice....

Its that time of the year when I officially change the digits on my age. This year only a single digit. Gone are the days when I was super excited about my birthday or about turning a year older. Gone are the days when I obsessed about cake and presents. I am happy to be a year older, I am appreciative that I am alive. Dont get me wrong, I am not going to sulk and brood about getting old after surviving a ship wreck last year.  Now I want to live my life. Pick up all the broken pieces and make a beautiful mosaic. Look at the cracks that run deep in the mosaic and yet be grateful that I could glue the pieces together to make something beautiful out of it.
I feel I have been hard on Dinar this past year. I always wanted him to just be there like a rock and my strength and I never realized how stressful that can be. I was going through a storm but I didnt realize that I had dragged several people in the storm with me. Dinar was the most affected, right in the eye of the storm. So today on my birthday all I want to say to Dinar is that I could have not gotten out of this storm, this twister, this ship wreck if he had not pulled me out. When we started dating 14 years ago we had never imagined to be in this situation ever. We had our dreams, our hopes, and our lives ahead of us. Today some of those dreams, hopes, and aspirations have changed. We need to figure out what we want, but I can tell you we still want a lot from life and from each other.
So dream on, live it up, and love each other! And while going through life dont forget to breathe every once in a while.

August 8, 2011

Surgery II

Bela is back under the surgeon's knife in a few weeks, for a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. We met with the surgeons at UNC last week, and were able to schedule the surgery fairly quickly - Aug 26th.
Bela's mom will be coming over the week before, and will be there to receive her back from the third different hospital in her past three visits. Please call us for recommendations on hospital food in the Triangle area. But seriously - I think Bela and I (to a large extent) are feeling positive about this surgery. I can sense that Bela feels a lot more in control of her body, has a choice about the surgery options (in the context of things), and is generally looking forward to getting the surgery and recovery done with.
In the meantime we are planning to squeeze one last beach trip for this year before the surgery; hopefully get some time to rest, relax and re-energize. Watch this space for more news on the surgery (and the beach trip :-))...