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April 14, 2011

Marched out in March

Wow I didnt write a single post in March! Well partly because a lot was going on that month. We went to India and the trip was simply fantastic. Sahil had so much fun and was such a happy camper! He loved his "rickshaw car" rides, watching traffic go by from the window, plucking tree leaves from the window, playing with Gopal in the courtyard, looking at ants, going after the cat in my mom's apartment building and so much more. We went to Goa (coastal place) and that was just what the three of us needed for a long time...R&R...

Then we got back and got to business. Literally. I started working and it has been wonderful and refreshing. I love my work peeps. They have been so great since all this started. I couldnt ask for a better team.
And now I am in the process of changing my medical oncologist. Well all I can say is sometimes we put people up on pedestals and then they fall off the pedestal and we realize that they really are not what you thought they were. Anyways Dr. Awesome was really awesome when I needed her the most and that is what is important. Now I need someone who will be just as competent but also compassionate for my survivorship! I am seeing the new doc tomorrow and have heard good things about her. Cant wait to start a brand new relationship. This is coming from a girl who hates change :)

Another important event in March was Sahy turning two. Oh my! I can tell you now that the terrible twos is not a myth :) He is bossy, tantrumy, but at the same time plain cute. So much personality! Terrific at times and Terror at times!Arent we all like that in real life, just a bit subdued???

On the health side, I am doing well, feeling great. I do get a lil more tired at the end of the day but I also feel I am doing more stuff in my days now than I used to. Tomorrow's appointment will set stage for the next few months and years and some important decisions regarding my maintenance therapy and reconstructive surgery be taken. I am hoping this doctor has time to discuss all this with me and would respect all my questions and inquiries regarding my health.

Lovin.. Livin.. Laughin..