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          ☑ Chemotherapy
          ☑ Surgery
          ☑ Radiation
          Maintenance Therapy
                     ☑  Herceptin
                     ☐  Anti-Hormonal Treatment

February 16, 2011

Life is a feedback loop...

A year back visiting India seemed so distant. I would sit on my chemo chair or bed and pretend to be on the beach. Today I leave for India with my family to see the rest of my family. There are no friends in India, there is only family. All these people that I have shared my 24 years with. I want Sahil to see his beautiful heritage. I am going home today.
Life is beautiful and yet challenging. When you climb up the hill, you can stand on the top and look at the sky or the lush green valley and river or even better walk down to the other side.
Belu is coming home...

p.s. Dinar please check the "herceptin" box...He is the HTML code writer for this blog .