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January 30, 2011

Passage to India

I am towards the end of my treatment and at the brink of normalcy. Honestly I have not felt better in a long time. I do not want to jinx it but my energy levels are up, I feel like working out, doing yoga, going back to work, reading books, and not talking, thinking and writing about cancer ad nauseam anymore. It is certainly a long journey and it is not all over for me but I am realizing that it is now just a part of me. Breast cancer will shape the rest of my life in many ways, mostly for good.I am more "zenish" in my approach. I am getting into Buddhism and am finding it very uplifting. I like the new age me :)

My last Herceptin infusion is on February 14th but I am also going to talk to my oncologist about participating in a clinical trial. If accepted I will get more. Don't worry, getting more is good for my kind of BC. And then I will have more surgery in the next 2 years. So it is long from "all done" as Sahy says but nothing that I have not experienced before.

I am going to India 2 days after my last Herceptin and I am so psyched! I am going back home. That is my passage to India. We have decided to travel some this year as both Dinar and I have hardly traveled India. We would love to discover this beautiful country of ours and see what all the hype was in the 15th and 16th centuries when explorers were looking for this beautiful rich land.

I feel great today and I am full of hope for tomorrow.



January 13, 2011


It was this day last year that Bela and I received her cancer diagnosis. I remember the day quite vividly, but somewhere something makes me want to forget it. So today, I did not think about how to react to the 'cancerversary' but just let it be. And somewhere something makes me feel that Bela and I can do the same for the rest of the days to come.
For the past one year, we have received a lot of support from family and friends; and we would not be here without them. We have heard many a inspiring story of survivorship from other survivors. There are more chapters to be written in Bela's life... and I feel we are very close to finishing this one...

January 6, 2011

It is a brand new year...shiny and sparkly and full of promises and hope

Happy New Year Guys!

Isnt is amazing how a new year infuses us with enthusiasm to better our lives, our bodies, our minds and take on the world. I wonder why we don't feel the same way at the start of a new day or a new week or a new month. Carpe diem should be our mantra!

It is a year since all the cancer jazz started. My first ultrasound was on January 3rd followed by a slew of tests and it was confirmed on the doomed 13th day of last year that my body was not obeying the protocol and some cells were multiplying in an abnormal fashion! So here I am a year later, and as many people had told me I am seeing the light, I feel rested and renewed, but still a little shaken. This week are my screenings and follow-ups and we are hoping that the cells are following the rules set by the code made for homo sapiens.

I have two more Herceptin infusions left with the last one on February 14th. And guess where I will be two days after my last infusion?? Hint: breakfast at Vaishali at 8 AM on Feb 16th :)

Wishing you health and peace of mind in the new year and always.