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March 27, 2010

Random thoughts in one post....

It has been a terrible week. I am glad it is over. Tomorrow is the start to a new week! Yay!! This is a milestone week! Sahy turns 1 on Wednesday.

BTW, 2 in April, 1 in May and 1 in June....& then will be done with Chemo!!!!!!!! Cant wait for summer! Spring fly away! flay away!

March 15, 2010

Bela and Mom Hanging Out at Duke

Bela and Mom enjoying a laugh during chemo at Duke...

March 14, 2010

White Elephant...

When I was a little girl,  I dreaded going to school (kindergarten). My mom used to tell me everyday that they were going to bring a white elephant ( "aaj safed haati aanle waala hain") to school today and I would readily hop onto my dad's scooter to go to school.

I wish there was something as convincing as that to tell me on Monday mornings of my treatment week. I do wonder if it was a four year old's innocence or complete trust in her parent that she was convinced every single time her mom promised a " safed haati" sighting to her.  My son, however belongs to a totally different generation and something like this will be a tough sell to him. At 11 months, he takes the phone to his ear and babbles, points the remote control in the direction of the TV, and plays a game (Peek-a-boo barn) on the i-phone! Now try telling him about the safed haati! hah!

Bis Bald!
Will be back after a few days of hibernation...

March 8, 2010

Side Effects, Picnic and Oscars...

 March 8, 2010

My last treatment was on February 23rd. This was technically my second chemo but the first of the new regimen. As you can guess, I am keeping count! I have 5 more to go, each one, 21 days apart. So this new regimen was at Duke and the new dope was infused for more than 5 hours as they wanted to monitor and control immediate side effects. The day of the chemo and the two days following the treatment were pretty uneventful, and in fact mummy and I went for a long walk with Sasha on Thursday of that week. Then come Friday I was caught off guard by the SEs (not standard errors my geek econ friends, I am talking about the infamous side effects). When the nurses and the doctors tell you about the SEs associated with the drugs,  you are reminded of all those wonderful drug commercials in which they hurriedly list 100 side effects in the last 30 seconds. Some of them actually counter what the drug is suppose to do! hah! You know one of the anti-depressants side effect is "thoughts of suicide". Cracks me up! So does the ones for the new product that claims to grow longer fuller lashes!  Well it is the same with these drugs and the SEs range from headache to congestive heart failure (CHF). Well so when I list CHF as one of the most extreme on the list, I would say my SEs were probably 2.5 out of 10 in terms of seriousness and about 4 out of 10 in intensity.  I came out of the woods by last Tuesday and have been pretty okay since then.

This weekend was nice.  It started early for me (its a joke guys!) on Friday as I went for a lunch date with my friend Sandra. It was like a normal lunch date with a girl friend and it felt great doing something as simple as that. It made me think "yes life will be normal again with lunches, shopping, running, walks, talks, ...and ahem work (hehe ;) )".

Saturday was family day and we went to the"Southern Rail" in Carrboro for brunch. Speaking of my family, my dahling niece does a "mommy daddy looook I did it" dance after she puts every piece of a 10-piece puzzle in its place. And we have to sing "Yes Zyra, you did it, you did it, you did it did it did it"...& I was like wow! I should probably do the same after my each chemo..."Look guys I did it , I did it , did it did it did it". Well anyways, its cute when a 2 year old gloats about her achievements! A 32 year old, not quite.

Guys finally SPRING is here! I am tired of the cold weather. Yes yawl, 30-40 degrees in March is cold by North Carolina standards. And hopefully the good weather is here to stay. Yesterday was a gorgeous day! We took a picnic to Duke gardens and just let our friends know that we were going to hang out there all afternoon and to stop by if they wanted to say hello or play frisbee...& yes it turned out to be quite fun...The kiddos and the doggie were happy campers, so were the grown ups. & of course ended the weekend by watching Oscars! Gotta love the upsets, although I admit, I had not even heard of the movie that won the best motion picture of the year before tonight...

One good week left before the next treatment...Plan to make the most of it.

Love. Live.Laugh.