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February 22, 2010

My pretend place for today...

Today I would rather be jogging on a beach with the wind in my face and hair....Sahil and Dinar building sand castles and Sasha playing in the water...We were supposed to be in Hawaii from January 15th to 22nd. Instead I was in an open bore MRI machine and could hear loud click clack of the monster machine and not splashing of  the waves...I have been given a truck load of lemons and a lot of people are telling me to make lemonade...Easier said than done, eh...It can get frustrating to squeeze a truck load of lemons..Believe me..

February 20, 2010

Moved to Duke...

We moved my care to the Duke Cancer Center under Dr. Awesome. The "whole" person approach appealed to me. I liked being treated as a person first who happens to have cancer than just a cancer patient.
The next treatment was moved to Monday,  February 22nd.
Rest alls good. Planning on taking advantage of the great weather this weekend!
Live. Love. Laugh.

February 13, 2010


I have been meaning to thank everyone for their support and encouragement and I think my thank you note deserves a separate post of it's own.
I always knew how much I cared about my friends and family and how much I loved them. And I also knew that I was loved by many. But I never knew the magnitude and the depth of this love. I am very grateful to everyone reaching out to us. By us, I mean not only me, but also my family.
Your flowers, cards, emails, phone calls have definitely perked me up, your food has given me nourishment and strength, and above all your kind words, thoughts, positive energy, prayers, and rei kei that are being sent to me from within the US, across the Atlantic, and also from South Pacific is helping me stay focused and positive to beat this darn thing (you know, I am quite despising the "C" word(s)--- cancer and chemo. I need to think of some nicknames for those two).

So. Thank You, Everyone.

Birthdays and Consults...A Good Mix.

Last week was suppose to be my "good week" after the first treatment and it stayed true to its word. Since the last post a lot has happened-- my mom has arrived to help us out and to take care of her baby so that her baby can take care of her's, we celebrated Dinar's 32nd and Zyra's 2nd birthday and my friend Karen gave birth to her second son, Ashwin :).  I just feel so lucky to partake in all the fun and be with my family and friends. Lucky because I still have the energy to be around people and I could enjoy the cake and the food. The metallic taste went away in a few days after the chemo. Speaking of which, the chemo week was not too bad. The Nulesta shot (don't get too excited, it is not a drink but rather a prick in the stomach to get the white blood cells' count up) and the 500 ml saline that I got on the 3rd day definitely must have helped me get out of the slump faster, but I am not gloating too much as there will definitely be a cumulative effect of the treatments to come.

Last week has been rather busy. We went for a second consult to Duke and met up with an oncologist (lets call her "Dr. Awesome") who specializes in breast cancer in younger women. I am SO glad I went for this second opinion. Thanks to my cousin, Sonal, for finding this doctor and the diligent leg work that she did for me and found experts and resources in this area and persuaded me to consider a second opinion. And thanks also to Andrea for hooking us up with Duke through her contacts. This consult resulted in the chemo treatment being altered (fine tuned is what Dr. Awesome said). That does not mean that what I would have gotten otherwise would have harmed me or not cured me in anyway, but was most probably the just the standard of care, regardless of the age of the person receiving it. Dr. Awesome also hooked me up with a Duke surgeon and identified another small but not trivial piece of the puzzle that needs to be taken care of before we proceed with more treatments. Dr. Awesome basically talked to me about my "50-year" survivorship and quality of life during those years. That was the first time someone talked to me beyond the next 5-10-15 years and I was like wow I would love to grow old with Dinar someday. I know my friends are probably shuddering at the thought of gray hair and wrinkles, but believe me today that is all I ask for. That someday I will be all wrinkly and have gray hair and frail with old age. You see how the big "C" changes your perspective on everything!! She talked to us about fertility, about mental and emotional aspects of  dealing with this trauma for both me and Dinar and "us", about exercising during treatment, running if I want to run, playing with my baby, my dog, in essence leading a normal life. She has my back, I feel.

Coming week is my chemo week with the infusion on Monday and a biopsy on Tuesday (that is the small but not trivial detail that we need to take care of). Wed-Thu will be full of lots of naps. And then I am hoping the sun to shine, the snow to melt, and the temperature to rise so that I can go for a walk on Friday.
Also, I am working really hard to give Dinar what he asked for his birthday. & you all are also helping me give him his birthday present... Any guesses what it could be? :)

Love. Live. Laugh.


February 2, 2010

One Chemo Down...

Bela had her first chemotherapy treatment yesterday (2/1/10) at the oncologist's office facility. We had taken a tour of the facility during one of our earlier visits, so we were sort of familiar with what to expect. We went over what side effects to expect with the doctor, and Bela ofcourse was very strong through the whole discussion.
They used the port that was placed for chemo to draw blood and also inject medicines, and then we moved on to the suite to get the IV drip for the chemo drugs. The drugs infusion itself took about 1.5 hours, but we were there for much longer with all the blood work and consult.
I will let Bela elaborate on how she is feeling after the chemo, but she is doing good healthwise under the circumstances...